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ADD/ADHD Testimonial


"I have been seeing Dr. Bircher for over 30 years and see him first if I have a medical problem. He recommended that I have a Brain Map and do brain training to improve my health and wellbeing. I decided to give it a try, and I'm glad I did! SInce I started neurotherapy I am sleeping better. This has been a great change for me. I also find that I can concentrate better while driving, so I feel more comfortable on the road. I can tolerate disturbances around me better, especially when my grandchildren are around. Other things I have noticed include; my listening skills have improved, my reading comprehension is better, and reading in general - including Bible study, is easier. I highly recommend neurotherapy at Optima Health & Vitality Center."

- Dick Tews


"I am 89 years and used to have severe pain in my left buttock and back.  Before coming to Optima Health & Vitality Center I had six weeks of physical therapy and I still couldn’t walk without pain, couldn’t go to church, or do much housework.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because my son wanted me to try it.  It took between one and two months before I started feeling improvement.  I am doing better now just a few pains.  I am well satisfied with the care that is given at Optima Health & Vitality Center.  I travel 50 miles for treatment."

- Anonymous


"My original complaint was slipped disk.  I couldn’t hardly move and tried both ice and heat.  I couldn’t move hardly at all because of the pain.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because I had been there before.  It took about four weeks to start feeling improvement and I am doing fine with my disks now but have carpal tunnel in both hands.  Dr. Martens is my doctor and he is healing me."

- Jean VanO.


"Pain had been present in my knee for six months and was to the point where it was difficult to walk.  The pain had gotten to the point where it affected my life in that I was unable to participate in any sports.  Then I saw the ad in the Leader Telegram advertising treatment of knee pain at Optima Health & Vitality Center.  I felt improvement after two months of care at Optima and am doing well now.  Before you do surgery, try Optima Health & Vitality Center.  I travel 25 miles for care."

-  Ronald Winget, patient of Dr. Martens


"I used to have long term knee pain from an old high school injury with decreased mobility in my knee and hip.  The knee pain has been present for thirty plus years; the hip pain present for the past five years.  I couldn’t take care of our hobby farm and horses without considerable difficulty.  The ad run by Optima Health & Vitality Center mirrored my symptoms and issues.  I wanted to avoid taking medication and/or surgery.  I felt improvement after my first treatment and then steady improvement over the course of the treatment plan.  In general, I am much improved and able to be fully active once again.  It is a very viable option to traditional approaches to receive care at Optima Health & Vitality Center.  I’m happy to not take pain medications or face surgery.  I travel 12 miles for my care."

-  Diane Moen, patient of Dr. Martens


"I used to have pain in my knees and a very sore lower back where it was difficult to straighten up when I first got out of bed in the morning, difficulty walking, performing simple tasks at work, climbing up and down stairs, difficulty doing lawn care, and I became tired very easily.  I’ve had the back problem for the last 20 years and the knee problem presented itself after I had an injury at work in 2012.  I received adjustments weekly at another chiropractic office, but the adjustments would never hold.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because I saw their full page ad in the local newspaper and they were using a new treatment (cold laser) to heal knee problems, so I decided to give it a try.  It took quite a few traction treatments for my lower back to improve.  I had a pinched nerve in my back, which is why prior adjustments didn't hold, but that has improved greatly.  I am doing almost 100% better with my back problems.  My knees no longer are painful when I go up and down stairs.  I had nerve damage from my work accident which I did not know and Dr. Bircher worked extensively on improving the nerve signals to my knees.  I only wished I would have come to Optima Health & Vitality Center sooner for help, but I didn’t know what treatments they had that would help me.  I travel 30 miles to be treated."

- Marie Sell, patient of Dr. Bircher


"I used to have carpal tunnel syndrome.  I went to the doctor and they determined with tests that I would have to have surgery on both hands.  I had symptoms for a couple years but it got worse about three months before coming to Optima Health & Vitality Center.  My hands kept going numb and hurting, which made it hard to work, sleep, or play the piano.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because my wife goes there and sees Dr. Bircher.  It took about 2-3 visits before I started feeling improvement and I am now 95% better.  I don’t have to have surgery!  Optima Health & Vitality Center’s staff is fantastic.  They are always friendly, helpful and very professional.  I travel 35 miles for my care."

- Jonathan W., patient of Dr. Martens


"My original complaint was carpal tunnel as well as a jammed up neck due to soup kettles dropping off of a shelf and hitting me on the head.  It hurt from my neck down to the tip of my ring finger and was going on for about 6 months when I came to Optima Health & Vitality Center.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because I did not want to have surgery if at all possible.  I wanted to do a natural way of fixing my body.  In about three months I was feeling 80% better.  Now I am doing an adjustment when I need to.  I have become a new person because of all the wonderful things I have had done at Optima Health & Vitality Center between the vitamins, adjustments and therapy.  I travel 40 - 45 minutes for my care."

- Shirley A. Hanson, patient of Dr. Martens & Dr. Bauer


"I would have to say that this team of health providers, no doubt, have saved my life!  I have been suffering with severe pain and multiple health issues for over 22 years.  I was 31 when all this began.  After multiple surgeries and tons of drugs, I found a ‘Miracle Team’ !!!!!  If anyone wants some excellent care, here ya go!  After just two months of care, 80% of my pain is gone and I have dropped two sizes in clothing without even trying.  I FORGOT WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE ‘NORMAL’!

I used to have overall intense pain and swelling, major gastric problems, brain fog etc . . . for many years.  Fibromyalgia for 22 years, Lymes for 5 years.   I couldn’t do anything but breathe.  It took every bit of my energy and concentration to make through the day.  I chose Optima Health & Vitality Center because they were my last resort (literally) through a referral from another patient.  I began to start feeling improvement within two weeks after allergy testing.  I am now doing tremendously better.  Only have mild pain in some joints.  Zero gastric problems and drop weight without even trying.  Mental clarity is so much better.  I travel 10 miles for my care."

- Brenda Livingston, patient of Dr. Bircher


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