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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Learn more about the benefits of functional medicine and how it may be able to improve your conditions.

Are you someone who has been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia or other chronic health conditions? Have you found that traditional medicine alone feels too invasive or isn’t providing you with the results you’ve been looking for? If so, then the chiropractors at Optima Health & Vitality Center in Eau CLaire, WI can help provide a different approach to handling your health. It’s called functional medicine and it’s been key to treating long-term health problems.

When you choose to get functional medicine in Eau Claire, WI, we won’t just be looking at the symptoms you are experiencing and the chronic disease that you have, but the underlying imbalances that might be causing outward diseases like diabetes, autoimmune disorders and heart disease. Being able to identify the root cause or causes of these disorders is vitally important to improving your health.

Some underlying causes of chronic health problems include immune imbalances, hormonal imbalances, inflammatory imbalances, chemical exposure, digestive imbalances, etc. By pinpointing the underlying cause, functional medicine has a far better chance of being able to tackle a patient’s health problems more successfully. After all, the main goal of functional medicine is to improve your health for the rest of your life, not just for the moment.

Through proper diagnostic testing and treatment options that don’t include invasive surgeries or strong, potentially harmful drugs, we can get your body back on track. While drugs or surgery may certainly work for acute health problems like heart attacks, this same approach isn’t as successful for those dealing with chronic and life-altering health problems. This is why functional medicine is such a great option for those suffering from lifelong conditions.

Along with lifestyle changes, functional medicine may provide you with detox programs, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets and other ways to restore your body and improve imbalances so that your entire body functions more optimally.

Optima Health & Vitlaity Center in Eau Claire, WI is dedicated to providing every patient with the quality care they need to get the healthy body and mind that they want. Improve your health and your quality of life with us.

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