Naturopathic Services

Cathy Estenson- is a Certified Traditional Naturopath and has provided Naturopathic services in our area for over 10 years. She uses a device called the IQS to measure energy on the meridians of the body.  Also called electrodermal screening, this device gives us clues as to what may be negatively affecting a person's health, and what needs to be changed to allow the body to return to balance.  This ultimately allows the person to regain optimal health. Cathy is also available to answer your supplementation and nutrition questions.

The Six Tenets of Naturopathy

  • Promote the healing power of nature.
  • First do no harm. Naturopathic practitioners choose therapies with the intent to keep harmful side effects to a minimum and not suppress symptoms.
  • Treat the whole person. Practitioners believe a person's health is affected by many factors, such as physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, and social ones. Practitioners consider all these factors when choosing therapies and tailor treatment to each client.
  •  Treat the cause. Practitioners seek to identify and treat the causes of a disease or condition, rather than its symptoms. They believe that symptoms are signs that the body is trying to fight disease, adapt to it, or recover from it.
  • Prevention is the best cure. Practitioners teach ways of living that they consider most healthy and most likely to prevent illness.
  • The physician is a teacher. Practitioners consider it important to educate their clients in taking responsibility for their own health.


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