What Is Functional Medicine?

When it comes to your health, your mind and body must balance to create an ideal environment for optimal wellness. However, balancing these elements of your life can be a difficult task. Functional medicine uses a biology-based approach to find the root causes of diseases by linking the mind and body to investigate the underlying cause of your condition. Find out more about functional medicine with your chiropractors at Optima Health and Vitality Center in Eau Claire, WI.

What is functional medicine? 
Functional medicine takes a comprehensive look at your body and mind, using medical, family, lifestyle, and social histories to investigate your condition. Rather than treating your symptoms, functional medicine treats the body as one system, looking at the whole body and treating the underlying cause of the symptoms in question. Functional medicine focuses on the patient, using their whole story to paint a picture of their condition, how they feel, and how their doctor can help.

How can functional medicine help me? 
Functional medicine treats many chronic conditions, including:

Patients suffering from these conditions may benefit from functional medicine. Functional medicine doctors devote time, effort, and care into finding the root cause of a condition. This focused care means a truly personal experience, with care tailored to your background and story rather than the condition you have.

Functional Medicine in Eau Claire, WI 
If you think you can benefit from functional medicine, you should consult with your Optima Health and Vitality Center doctor at a consultation appointment. Functional medicine goes hand-in-hand with other treatments like chiropractic care, making your chiropractor a great place to start your functional medicine journey.

For more information on functional medicine, please contact Optima Health and Vitality Center in Eau Claire, WI. Call 715-832-1953 to schedule your appointment with your chiropractor today!

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