What to expect your first appointment at Optima

How you found out about Optima Health and Vitality Center (Optima) is not the most important matter at hand. We are just happy that you found us so we can be at your service on your health and wellness journey!

The first thing you did was call the Optima office and talk briefly with the new patient coordinator to discuss your health status, issues, needs, requests, and to schedule a time for your first two appointments. Now that you’re scheduled, what should you expect from your appointments at Optima?

For your first appointment, you will be asked to come in about 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to fill out new patient paperwork, which includes your patient intake forms and health history. You do have the option of downloading these forms ahead of time from the Optima Health and Vitality Center website or having them mailed to you. If you fill out the forms ahead of time and bring them with you to your appointment, you do not need to show up the 20 minutes early mentioned above.

As you walk into the front door of Optima, the Patient Coordinators at the front desk will greet you and make sure you are checked in. You will first be meeting with the New Patient Coordinator to whom you most likely talked previously on the phone! The New Patient Coordinator will take your vitals and go over your paperwork and health history.

Your appointment with the doctor is next. This appointment consists of a consultation in which the doctor will have a discussion with you about your history, concerns, and requests. The doctor will then perform an examination. Often times, following the examination, there will be some kind of treatment, (adjustment), that will be performed.

Your second appointment, which will be scheduled for a week after your first appointment, will consist of your doctor going over the exam results from your first appointment and letting you know how you could proceed to attain your optimal health. The doctor will present a care plan indicating appointments, therapies, and/or any lab testing that he/she is recommending. If you need a referral to our medical side, that referral will be made at that time.

The next stop on your second visit is a brief sit-down meeting with the Office Manager. The Manager will go over the specifics of your recommended care plan and what it may cost considering your insurance benefits. If the exact recommended care plan doesn’t work for you for whatever reasons, the Manager will work with you to come up with a plan that does fit your life. You are not asked to prepay for care, rather, paying a visit to visit is standard. There’s one more stop before leaving the facility, the front desk! The Patient Coordinators at the front desk, who are very kind, will take your payment for the services provided on the first visit. After taking care of business at the front desk, you will be on your way to having a wonderful day!

I hope this helps you, as a future patient, have an idea of what to expect from your first experience here at Optima Health and Vitality Center.

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