What’s the buzz about Optima Health!

Welcome to Optima Health’s very own blog!! Brought to you by the doctors of Optima where our goal is to share health and wellness with you in all walks of life. We will be discussing hot topics regarding any buzz out there on supplements, fitness, nutritional tips, health hacks, and of course, sharing more information about what we do best! 


Chiropractic wellness care has been our passion for over 30 years. Dr. Bircher first started our practice in Chippewa Falls, and we have flourished over the decades into an integrated wellness clinic. Within our walls we have four awesome chiropractors and a nurse practitioner who all work together in a team approach for individualized care. 

We strive to provide our patients with the best information so they can make informed decisions in their health journey. We also take pride in empowering our patients with knowledge so they can help provide self-care at home and take an active role in their health. It’s super important in reaching desired results!


Our staff is wonderfully cheerful, kind and compassionate, and really go above and beyond in our patient’s care. They are one of a kind, and we couldn’t be who we are today without them! We have many patients who compliment the atmosphere at Optima and how well we work together- thank you for those kind words! 


In following our blog, we hope to enlighten you along the way and perhaps shed light onto a topic or trick that could lead to a big awakening in your life! Something as little as taking vitamin D in the winter time to help keep cold and flu away, or a stretch that relieves that nagging SI pain, or even provide you with motivation to start a new healthy habit!


I encourage you to please reach out to us if you have anything you’d like us to address in this blog! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and see what fun things we’re up to at Optima!

Have a happy, happy day! 


Yours in health,


Dr. Julie Goplin

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