Prolozone Therapy


Prolozone- What is it?

Prolozone Therapy is a form of non-surgical ligament and joint reconstruction and is a treatment for many kinds of chronic pain. It helps in the processes of proliferating, regenerating, and rebuilding new ligament and cartilage tissues in areas where they have become weak.

How does it work?

Prolozone Therapy involves the injection of ozone in and around ligaments where they attach to the bone. The injected ozone increases the blood supply and flow of healing nutrients. It also stimulates the deposition and activity of fibroblasts and chondroblasts which synthesize the collagen and cartilage that the body uses to repair damaged ligaments and joints. This increase in cellular repair activity strengthens and tightens the injured tissues; thereby stabilizing the area and removing the cause of pain.

Why is ozone used?

Ozone is a naturally-occurring, highly reactive molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. Because ozone is so reactive, it is able to stimulate fibroblastic and chondroblastic activity to a great extent. This high level of reactivity, combined with the innate safety of oxygen makes ozone an ideal therapeutic molecule.

What can I expect?

The response to treatment varies from individual to individual, and depends upon one’s healing ability and level of injury. Some people may only need one or two treatments while others may need up to six or seven. Once you begin treatment, the doctor will be able to analyze how you are responding and give you an accurate estimate of what you can expect from further treatments.  The injection process is repeated ever 1-2 weeks until maximum improvement is noted.

Examples of some of the conditions that are treated with Prolozone therapy are the following: back and neck pain with or without degenerative disc disease, shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries, and osteo-arthritis of the hips, knees, and spine, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, tennis elbow, and other sports injuries.


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